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    History Michael Kors
    It's high time to renew your watch wardrobe!
    “You’re not wearing the same clothes every day, so why should you wear the same watch?” – That’s what the Michael Kors...

    It's high time to renew your watch wardrobe!

    “You’re not wearing the same clothes every day, so why should you wear the same watch?” – That’s what the Michael Kors designers keep asking about. Bright and dynamic style is the core element of this American fashion brand watch lines.

    Michael Kors had been hankering for fashion design since the early age: when he was five and his mom (ex-model) was marrying for the second time, he designed a wedding dress for her, in his teens he already was making and selling clothes, and at the age of 19 he entered high-profile Fashion Institute of Technology in New-York city. Kors established his own brand “Michael Kors” in 1981, after a stunning success of his women clothes collection, specially designed for New York department stores, such as Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord and Taylor, and Neiman Marcus. Even when the company went bankrupt in 1993, it didn’t discourage this vigorous and ambitious young designer. So only 4 years later he not only reestablished his brand and put it “back on its feet”, but he also was invited by French fashion house of Celine to fill the position of Creative Director. During his career in Celin Kors twice received the respective award (as the best designer of men and women clothes) «CFDA awards», honored by Council of Fashion Designers of America. In 2003 Michael left Celine in order to focus on his own brand production design, having added stylish accessories to the production line.

    Wrist watch Michael Kors

    In 2004 the lines of clothes, bags, and footwear by Michael Kors were complimented with a watch line. In the watch design creating process, the essential line is still “American style”, practical and freewheeling, a signature style for all the collections of the designer.

    Wrist watch Michael Kors

    Simplicity and luxuriance walk with arms entwined in Michael Kors collections. His watch design could be hardly confused with any others: large watchcases with laconic classic forms, pink or yellow gold glitter (solid PVD-coating), stainless steel watches, natural mother-of-pearl, luxurious watches with Swarowski crystals (some of the watch models are literally interspersed with crystals, as an imitation of jewelry watch masterpieces with inlaid diamonds), and high-quality acetates as a natural horn and tortoise shell imitation. Both women and men watch lines by Michael Kors have a wide range of chronographs. Watch bracelets made of massive chains and bright embossed straps of genuine leather became an indispensable part of the design of watches themselves. Though, elegant watches of Taylor line managed to find their niche among the numerous daring and striking watch models. Their curved rectangular watchcase (this form is wide-known as “curvex”) refers to American classic watches of 30-40-s in the last century.

    Wrist watch Michael Kors

    Michael Kors has also been one of the judging duties of the famous American TV show “Project Runway”, and one of his watch series “Runaway” is a reminiscent of this period. And, well, any Michael Kors watch is an always recognizable symbol of informal and free spirit of New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

    Other suggestions
    Candino C4497/2
    203 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 200 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 45; Case material — Steel
    269 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 100 m; Crystal — Mineral; Case size — 50.7x48.4; Case material — Steel
    L'Duchen D 191.11.11
    231 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 42; Case material — Steel
    Orient FDBAE003W Photo Orient FDBAE003W
    214 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 30 m; Crystal — Mineral; Case size — 43.5x34; Case material — Steel
    Photo Jacques Lemans 1-1645G
    189 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 100 m; Crystal — Mineral; Case size — D 46; Case material — Steel
    Photo Citizen BM1290-54F Citizen BM1290-54F
    328 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 100 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 40; Case material — Titanium
    Photo Casio Protrek PRW-1500-1V Casio Protrek PRW-1500-1V
    300 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 200 m; Crystal — Mineral; Case size — 56.2x48.1; Case material — Steel and plastic
    Photo Нестеров H0943A32-05E
    143 €
    Movement — Quartz; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Mineral; Case size — D 55; Case material — Steel

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