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    Glashutte 10002010104 Photo Glashutte 10002010104
    22 564 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 40; Case material — 18K rose gold
    Glashutte 100-02-03-02-04 Photo Glashutte 100-02-03-02-04
    15 624 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 40; Case material — Steel
    Glashutte 60-01-03-03-06 Photo Glashutte 60-01-03-03-06
    41 468 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 40; Case material — 18K rose gold
    Glashutte 61-01-01-01-04 Photo Glashutte 61-01-01-01-04
    17 896 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 40; Case material — 18K rose gold
    Photo Glashutte 9003311405
    23 585 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 30 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 42; Case material — White gold 18K
    Photo Glashutte 61-01-02-02-04 Glashutte 61-01-02-02-04
    12 905 €
    Movement — Automatic; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 40; Case material — Steel
    Photo Glashutte 49-01-03-01-04 Glashutte 49-01-03-01-04
    Movement — Mechanical; Water resistance — 50 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — D 39; Case material — Steel
    Photo Glashutte 42-01-11-11-04
    Movement — Mechanical; Water resistance — 30 m; Crystal — Sapphire; Case size — 37x35; Case material — Steel

    Of Glashütte Origin

    Glashutte Original story is inseparable from the town of Glashütte located in German Saxony. Now the biggest center of German watch industry comprises 12 manufactures, producing expansive watches, but up to the middle of XIXth century this place was known for its silver mines. The situation changed in 1845 when Ferdinand Adolph Lange decided to establish an independent watch company producing “pocket watches with perfect mechanics” in Saxony. Other masters and enthusiasts of watch industry joined him. Julius Assmann established a company for making “German accurate pocket watches”. The division of labor was widely used in production: one master grinded out gear-wheels, another made cases, and the third one’s specialization was decorative finishing. By 1865 the “picture” of Glashütte pocket watch was drawn: the mechanism was placed on the three-quarter plate, escape wheels were made of gold, rate adjuster had a swan-neck shape, and the caliber was covered with “sun beams” decoration. These distinctive features have lived for 80 year with nearly no changes. The continuity of traditions was ensured by the town’s watch college established by another wonderful watchmaker Moritz Grossmann on the 1st of May 1878.

    Watch Glashutte

    The manufacture produced not only high-accuracy pocket watches with complicated functions, as a minute repeater, but also wall-mounted clock and long-case clock with balance-wheel, and in the beginning of XX century the watchmakers of Glashütte worked out navigation instruments for a South Pole pioneer Roald Amundsen, and with the help of these instruments the Northman reached the southernmost place on Earth.

    Wrist watch Glashutte Sixties

    In 1918 the trademark Glashutte Original was added to the trade register list, and since 1921 all the pocket watches were marked with this logo in order to avoid fake items. During I and II World Wars the company was performing the military contract, producing navigation instruments and marine chronometers, chronographers for pilots and timing devices for bombs. On the 8th of May 1945 the town of Glashutte was bombarded, and many buildings got damaged, including the complex of watch making workshops.

    Wrist watch Glashutte Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon

    After the war was over, all the watch companies on the premises of Saxony were nationalized by GDR administration and united in one company that later succeeded the famous name Glashutte Original. In 1960-s the producer was making classic mechanic watches in shockproof cases, and quartz men’s and women’s models. Among the mechanic calibers automatic caliber Spezimatic, with only 4,4mm thickness, is considered to be a successful one. In the end of 1970-s the popular model was Spezichron with a large square case, provided with date and weekday indicators. Besides, 1960-s and 1970-s, particularly, inspired the creation of modern retro-style watch – round Sixties with a large date on a convex watch face, and square Seventies in a TV-shaped case.

    Wrist watch Glashutte Pavonina

    The recent history of the company started after reunification of Germany. In October of 2000 Glashutte Original brand joined Swatch Group holding that enabled the company to fully renovate the manufacture building and establish a watch making college to preserve the tradition of Saxony watch art. Today the manufacture produces the complicated men’s mechanisms Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon, Senator with skeleton mechanism, or PanoRetroGraph supplied with a “vintage” chronograph, along with unconventional women’s quartz watch Pavonina.

    География услуг

    Интернет-магазин Будилкин.ру приглашает к сотрудничеству клиентов из всех регионов России. Наш головной офис расположен в Москве, опыт и профессионализм сотрудников позволяют поддерживать постоянную обратную связь с клиентами вне зависимости от местонахождения. Консультанты прекрасно знают ассортимент, помогут вам сделать правильный выбор. Наш магазин открылся в 2013 году, мы активно расширяем сферу обслуживания, на настоящий момент у нас 91 магазин-партнер. Будилкин.ру входит в число самых быстрорастущих часовых магазинов.

    Где бы вы ни находились и когда бы ни обратились к нам, вас ждет первоклассный сервис. Наши специалисты не пользуются готовыми решениями, каждая ситуация рассматривается лично, с пристальным изучением всех нюансов.

    Магазины находятся в следующих городах: Москва, Краснодар, Нижний Новгород, Санкт-Петербург, Ростов-на-Дону, Астрахань, Казань, Магнитогорск, Сочи, Адлер, Череповец, Новосибирск, Омск, Пермь, Самара, Смоленск, Чебоксары, Рязань, Екатеринбург, Иркутск, Улан-Удэ, Чита, Якутск, Хабаровск, Южно-Сахалинск, Петропавловск-Камчатский, Владивосток.

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